Our rural school provides great opportunities and up to date resources in a safe and modern learning environment. There is a personal atmosphere in which students and caregivers know the door is always open. We encourage caregiver engagement and participation, which is vital in understanding each other and appreciating our Catholic values and traditions.

Before School Care and W.A.S.P. (Workshop, After, School, Program)

To cater for dual working parents and carers, Our Lady of the River School provides a free morning care service from 7:30am until 8:30am with breakfast available for any child.

After school care is provided from 3:15pm until 5:30pm through our W.A.S.P. activities group. The sessions are supervised by a qualified teacher and parent who provide a simple routine of homework and activities for those families who need to pick up their child/children later from school. There is a small monetary donation to our facilitator that is to be arranged by individual families.

B.O.P.P.E.R.S. (Berri, OLOR, Planned, Playgroup, Early Readiness for School)

Our Lady of the River School provides a weekly community Playgroup on Tuesdays from 9am until 11am during the school term with a registered coordinator from Playgroup South Australia. Parents and carers from the Riverland community are welcome to access our private playgroup room and outdoor facilities which have a large range of age appropriate resources and equipment.